If you trim the smaller branches back leaving larger and thicker branching with buds, your tree will often grow very quickly. Glowing Embers Japanese Maple has a green leaf in summer - the picture of the parent tree shows its glowing … Red, orange, yellow and purple leaves provide a kaleidoscope of fiery color in fall. 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This means that you will have to put part of the soil that you already dug back into the hole before planting. At MrMaple.com we make it easy for you to buy Japanese maples mail-order that are right for you. Heavy heavy duty. We graft and propagate over 1000 selections of Japanese maples. GardenerDirect.com is an affiliate of ToGoGarden, Inc. If you are looking to purchase or buy a Japanese maple, then you have found the right place. This site does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You can read here about his fascination with these beautiful trees. A gas log pilot is approved for professional fireplace with minimum dimensions of stars. Select the container you would like to use. Prune out the twiggier smaller branching. You will need pliers to get it out of the box because it has those heavy grade staples all over and the cardboard is heavy duty. The main trick for trimming is to never trim more than 45% of your tree off. USDA Zone? Acer Palmatun 'Glowing Embers' is a medium sized deciduous Japanese Maple that will reach 30 feet with a similar spread. Never use any informaiton from this site to diagnose or treat any medical problem. Start out by pruning out branches you don't like on your Japanese maple. Trimming your Japanese maple can actually make your tree grow faster. When adding the soil to the container make sure to keep the root collar and trunk of the Maple at the same level it was in it’s previous container. Acer palmatum 'Glowing Embers' is the Japanese maple for you. Large branches you don't like only get bigger so it is best to prune them out early in the tree's life. When you get to zone 9, many of the Japanese maples should be planted with protection from the hot afternoon sun. This means that heavily boggy areas will need raised beds that allow drainage for the Japanese maple roots. Thanks you so much for your business! Standard palmatum leaf of deep green turning shades of red and orange in the fall. 'Glowing Embers' is not your average run-of-the-mill Japanese maple. *Japanese maples that have been stressed should be given Super Thrive at recommended doses from the bottle. It is also vigorous and has gorgeous red fall color. Take the Japanese maple out of the container and place it in the hole. Glowing Embers Japanese Maple … Our Grower to Garden Model. We have many maples you can buy like red Japanese maples, weeping Japanese maples, coral bark japanese maples, the lion's head Japanese maple, variegated Japanese maples, and many more! Even if your Japanese maple is planted in the perfect spot, you might notice some leaf scorch … We are testing and adding new varieties every year. 4. Welcome to MrMaple.com , a family run Mail-order nursery where you can buy Japanese maples over 1000 different Japanese maple selection out of Western North Carolina. This means you can count on the specific information we provide about each plant. Japanese maples stand out best when they are planted as a single specimen or in small groupings. / USDA Zo ...Read more. Note above it will perform … Home; Categories; Trees; Japanese Maples; Filter Plants ... Acer palmatum Glowing Embers - 4 Inch Pot - 1 Plant . Abies cephalonica 'Meyer's Dwarf' Greek Fir, Abies cephalonica 'Meyer's Dwarf' Greek Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies concolor 'Wintergold' Golden White Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies koreana 'Aurea' Korean Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies koreana 'Glauca' Blue Korean Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies koreana 'Green Carpet' Korean Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies koreana 'Green Carpet' Spreading Korean Fir, Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke' Korean Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Abies koreana 'Silver Show' Korean Fir Grafted on Abies firma, Acer palmatum 'Glowing Embers' by Michael Dirr. There are a few maples we carry that can handle full sun in zone 9. Wintertime is a perfect time for artful pruning, when the branch structures are easily seen and accessed. This extra size is primarily to losen the soil for the roots of your Japanese maple which will allow for it to get established quicker. Use them to accentuate an entryway or as a focal point to draw attention to a certain area of the landscape or home. The Bihou brings the wow factor to your yard from season to season, with bark that glows a soft golden yellow year-round and newly-forming branches that emerge in a salmon hue. When there are three small branches coming out of the terminal buds on the end of a branch, it is often good to trim out the middle branch. Add soil as necessary. Wether the tree lives now is up to me but it can't have a better chance than this. Wet soggy soil around the roots is a killer. Foliage will turn to a brilliant orange / red in fall. If we have another winter as the past winter (2013), where frigid, arctic temps went way below the typical average lows, you might want to wrap the tree in a sheet of opaque plastic or frost cloth until temps return to normal. The plant is shaded from the … Be the first to review this product. We are a small family Japanese maple tree nursery where you can buy mail-order Japanese maples.