Cross posting to r/hiking as well. Slide Mt. The sky was cloudy but the air was wrapped in a winter warm. We decided to tackle the mountain via the trail that goes up over The Brothers – three smaller mountains that get increasingly taller until you get to the Big Slide itself. The silence remained silently beside me for most of the journey. The Garden Parking Lot remains open. Bring microspikes & crampons in addition to the regular winter gear. Many mountains can be seen from here, but Giant Mountain (in the center of the photo) stood out to me, Stewart is to the right of it in the picture.. The round-trip hike is between 8 and 10.5 miles (depending on the chosen route) and can take up to 10 hours to hike. November 16: Big Slide and Yard 2003. Elevations: Trailhead (Garden) 1500 ft. First Brother 2940 ft. Second Brother 3090 ft. Third Brother 3680 ft. Big Slide Summit 4240 ft. 5. Sunday, January 21st The weekend of third timers! Following the Big Slide trail from the Garden, you will hike 0.2 miles before intersecting with the Porter trail. is a very popular hike. 17:28. Pages shows hiking maps, GPS information, trail head, pictures. Navigating my way to the top of Big Slide mountain with Zoey. The snow was slushy in some parts and sheets of ice in others. It is also only one of two mountains in the Catskills that rises above 4000 feet. The round-trip hike is between 8 and 10.5 miles (depending on the chosen route) and can take up to 10 hours to hike. At 1.7 miles from the bridge (and 0.25 miles past a lean-to), you come to a house-size boulder on the right side of the trail. A warmish winter day for a quiet walk in the woods. Actually, everything was solid ice. There were also many opportunities for taking pictures along the way, which we certainly took advantage of! Marcy in mid February. It was a memorable High Peaks hike to the summit of Big Slide Mountain in the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness Area. The awe-inspiring regalness of the Great Range is a personal favorite. It's also easy to reach and little used, meaning you are likely to enjoy the scenic panoramas without the crowds found at nearby hiking areas like the Mt. We choose not. The Dickey Creek Trail heads into the heart of the Bull of the Woods Wilderness and provides access to secluded Big Slide Lake, nestled in an almost totally encircled bowl.There are no high viewpoints on this hike, but the route takes you through leafy woods, including some spectacular glades of old growth, across pristine Dickey Creek and up slopes of trademark Bull … That is why the hike described above uses the Curtis-Ormsbee Trail to climb Slide Mountain. Thank you – very helpful trip report. and this day. Level of Difficulty - This trail is appropriate for anyone in reasonably good condition. A buttslide fail! Hiking trails are located at different elevations on the mountain with trailheads at the summit, in the village and at the Base Lodge. Now is a good time to review and update your winter hiking gear. Summit must have had about 20 people on it once we arrived. ... Slide Mountain Winter Hiking - Duration: 17:28. hctrails 2,014 views. The loop trail return descends steadily until John Brooks Lodge with some running water along the way if (like us) your supply is getting low by then! Their phone number is 518-523-3441. A relatively gentle ascent out of The Garden with a couple steep scrambles ascending The Brothers and later the summit Big Slide. I love how the pines along a trail keep the warmth around me. Closure Platte Clove Road is closed for the season. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Baby…Why Don’t You Just Meet Me in the Middle, fear; courage; run; dance; journey; forgiveness, Expedition Education - A Traveling Teacher's Blog. Trail Conditions - Mostly a rocky dirt trail with sections on bare rock. A moderate to difficult hike where the trail after a mile is basically rocks and boulders. Information – For detailed information on the trail to The Brothers and many other trails in the High Peaks Wilderness Area I recommend “Adirondack High Peaks Trails” written by the ADK Mountain Club. Stats Mountain: Big Slide (4240) Date: November 29, 2009 Time: 7.5 hours Weather: Sunny AM, cloudy PM, 40's Miles: 9.4 Elevation Gain: 2,705 Trails: Brothers Trail to summit to Rocky Brook Trail to Phelps Trail . Characters. A strong connection to Mother Nature. The Webster Slide Trail leaves that Wachipauka Pond Trail (Appalachian Trail) 2.6 miles from NH 25 and climbs 500 feet in 0.7 miles up a steep and eroded trail to an excellent viewpoint, high above Wachipauka Pond. You do not need a guide. Sometimes when I hike alone, the silence speaks volumes. ( Log Out /  The adventures of a mom (and her wild child) in the mountains of Alaska. Travel inspiration, stories, photos and advice. The trail then rises sharply with two sets of ladders to the first step of Big Slide where one can move a little to the left to get a close up of the lower section of the slide. Fifteen minutes later…a look back once again before onto through the remaining Brothers and then Biggie. The weekend of third timers! The trailhead for the Brothers and Big Slide is well marked at the end of the parking area. 3. I’ll be back again for sure! Is the trail between Big Slide and Yard Mountain always a mud pit? Ended up in knee deep mud a few times and was curious if this is the norm? Hiking Slide Mountain from the west access on Rt 47 in the Catskill Mountains. I thought that since the winter hiking season had ended, there would be more space in the lot. Big Slide remains a treasured favorite. Jen. They also publish a great map that was updated in 2015 so all information is current. The views along the Brothers trail from The Garden are amazing, which makes this a nice hike during any season. ( Log Out /  We began at the Garden Parking lot ($10 USD for parking) and returned through the Slide Mountain Brook Trail loop after we reached the summit. When is my mind ever silent?? Slide Mt. run with heart-dance with soul-climb with freedom. Haha! It is best to just bring with you all the water you think you will need. The Adirondack Hundred Highest Summit List. My plan was to continue sliding to the left of the ladder but I’m pretty sure we don’t get extra points for taking out fellow hikers. December 13: Cascade Mountain. There he was again, Giant. Much like my experience with LWJ, my first trip up Big Slide was in a snowstorm in November 2015; then again this summer with Mallory (a beautiful day!) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Climbing. We choose not. One of the most relaxing and rewarding summer mountain experiences is taking a hike. Is the trail between Big Slide and Yard Mountain always a mud pit? Time Estimates - Of course this is a hard thing to predict due to differences in fitness, pack weight, weather, how often you stop to take pictures, etc. As the data approached, it looked a bit iffy to say the least. The trailhead is located in the quiet little town of Keene Valley. Thoughts of a middle aged endurance man trying to athletically compete and share what he learns about life along the way. So Plan B it was:  Braids, Buttsleds and Big Slide Mountain. The slide, visible on the right, is a short bushwhack from the boulder. Out came the buttsled and I slid every chance I could. Slide Mountain Trailhead - Town of Shandaken, 10 miles south of NY 28 on County Route 47. A dip back into the trees and it was onto Big Slide himself. I hope that you enjoy it as well. A blog full of tips, inspiration and freebies! My original plan was to hike part of the Dix Range for my winter round, but my #bumhip was not cooperating. Hiking in the winter is definitely my favorite. This is about mountains. The trail is well maintained. Riders are asked to social distance 6 feet from other guests outside their family/group while in line. #exhale. DEC Sign for the Romer Mountain … Estimated mileage is about 9. Best Trail Conditions Links Current 3500 Conditions Catskill Visitor Center Reports DEC Backcountry Info. Oct 24, 2018 - There are 46 "High Peaks" in the Adirondacks. Then it was on to the dilapidated ladder, that was pretty much solid ice. ( Log Out /  The chosen route was a loop hike of Yard Mountain and Big Slide. Around 11:30 a.m., I arrived at the junction. This hike is located in the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area. But first, from the ladder rungs, a glance back at the mountainscape. Big Slide is a pretty sweet hike. This hike is located in the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area. This route passes the Johns Brook Lodge (which ram references) which is where we stayed our second night. After this, the trail descends about 200 vt. ft. and there are two very small intermittent creeks. I’ve done some winter camping a while back and may have some gear still but haven’t done any winter hikes, especially over here. I had a hunch this cloudy scene wouldn’t hold out long enough for a summit shot. One possible route to this peak (GPS track provided) leaves from the Garden parking lot, takes the trail to the Three Brothers, then on to Big Slide, then returns to the Garden via John Brook Lodge and the trail along the creek. Indian Head and Catamount Mountain are great 4 hour hikes that give you amazing views with a little less elevation gain. We ate here 2 out of the 4 nights we were in Lake Placid. Slow and steady was my motto for the day. (Although there is still a part of me that wished we did.) (Although there is still a part of me that wished we did.) Most of the trail consists of winding through relatively dense pine forest with, only a few scenic view points until you reach the summit, which makes it an easier ascent during winter months due to relative protection from weather. more. Completely socked in! Note: The Garden Shuttle is not operating until further notice. Being the highest mountain in the Catskills and located close to New York City, Slide Mtn.