According to the Russell Group, Geography A-level is useful (that means it’s a good idea to study it!) The difference between the two programmes is that in a BA Geography, the curriculum is focused more on Human Geography, while a BSc Geography programme is focused on Physical Geography. The career path you choose may depend on whether you have studied physical geography or human geography. Why the wind today means there’s rain tomorrow. In terms of workload it is a lot of work. Little wonder why Jack Dangermond in plaudit to geography quoted, ‘Knowing where things are and why is essential to rational decision making’. The nature of working lives is changing. Favorite Answer . Most geography degrees hold regional accreditation or accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Most universities will look to see if a student has previously studied sociology but as not all schools offer it, it is not deemed a requirement. Land surveying firms use this technology for client’s land planning and GPS surveying. They learn to work with databases, spreadsheets, computer cartography software, and GIS technologies. Even in a city like Portland, with an amazing planning degree offered nearby, most of the planners I worked with were geographers. There are no essential subjects that should be studied to guarantee a place on a sociology degree. With … It is less likely that you will spend all of your working life in one organisation or even in the same sector. How useful is a Geography degree? … Why mineral deposits are found in one place and fossils in another. Today the field commonly also draws on an array of advanced technologies, such as geographical information systems (GIS) and digital-mapping techniques. A common question asked of those studying geography is, "What are you going to do with that degree?" Architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, surveyors, geographers, and many other professionals embrace CAD. During classes, students learn about the physical properties of Earth and its resources, as well as its inhabiting human societies. Some interdisciplinary geography degrees might hold certification from other agencies: for instance, a geography and environment degree could have accreditation from the … It is rare to find an institution offering geography as a general masters course, instead most institutions will have departments that specialise in specific areas of Geography, and will accordingly offer masters degree programs in more specific areas. The Royal Geographical Society reports that geography has one of the highest rates of graduate employment , high student satisfaction rates, and low dropout rates. In this wide-ranging, interdisciplinary major, students develop essential transferrable skills in research, math, statistics, IT, and data analysis. 3 Answers. Geographers pursue careers in many different fields, including education, planning, business, government agencies and non-profit organizations. The setting for a Master in Geography is interactive between the environment, faculty and peers. If you want to do strictly physical geography, then just go with an earth science or geology degree and take loads of geomorphology options. You do get the odd 'joke' about it being a colouring in degree but I think people generally think it is a good degree. Geography degrees. Why there are season here and different seasons there. If you want to study Geography at university, you’ll almost certainly need to study it at A-level. The geography of a region has a direct effect on the art forms, the literature, the food habits, and the celebrations and traditions of the people that inhabit it. Studying physical geography teaches you how your world works. Students will likely be required to complete a thesis or dissertation to earn the Master in Geography degree. Answer Save. Here's the longer answer. The skills you develop during your degree will equip you for a range of jobs. Fieldwork is a useful way of developing your practical skills and gaining hands-on experience, which is highly valued by employers. A geography online degree can help you gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel in your career and command a larger salary. While pursuing a Geography degree, there are many field trips where students get to learn more about the environment, the plants, the structures, the city and much more, where theory is balanced well. A geography is far less useful than a degree that will point you in a specific direction - such as one in law, medicine, dentistry or even engineering. Geography degrees often involve giving presentations; this is good for confidence in public speaking and verbal communication. Geography graduates are very employable, with the skills, knowledge and understanding gained during a geography degree held in high regard by employers. If you are aiming to pursue your postgraduate degree in Geography, one can learn plenty more and specialize in a topic or subject. A geography degree provides an in-depth understanding of the world, its features, the people, and the area they occupy; their lifestyle and how they impact and are impacted on by nature. Some geography degrees focus on the physical aspects, whereas others focus on the human side of geography, and some degree courses combine the two. Students searching for Geography Master's Degree: Salary & Jobs found the following related articles, links, and information useful. Studying geography at university gives you the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics; there will always be something you are interested … The study of geography lets us understand the distribution of people around the world and the differences in their ways of living. 1 decade ago. VIU’s Geography program can be taken as a major or minor with options that allow you to specialize in sustainable resource management or urban and social sustainability as well as a general option. You need to think about how you want to use what you're interested in, and less about what will net you the best paycheck. The former is a natural science, focusing on the Earth’s physical materials and processes, while the latter is a social science, focusing on issues relating to human communities and cultures. Earning your degree is a necessary first step towards gaining an entry-level career in the field. What Degrees and Other Qualifications do I Need Geography for? In contrast, students of humanities like Geography, History and Politics are the most likely to follow careers in charities, not-for-profit organisations and the public sector. Will I be stuck teaching or working in a totally unrelated field or are there actually job prospects? Degrees in Economics, Finance, Mathematics and Statistics are shown to be the best route into lucrative careers in the financial services industry. As geography is so broad, it means there is a range of employment opportunities for its graduates. These include developing a reasoned argument, critical thinking, the ability to think about moral and ethical issues, team work, communication, project management and problem solving. Relevance. I found that some classes would transfer and a geography degree would get me graduated within 3 additional semesters. I was then considering “professional school” after undergrad and geography degrees would be in a less traveled admissions quota to these professional schools that only care about GPA? Anonymous. Geography degrees teach students about places on Earth and the relations between humans and natural environments. What is This? Actually, there are many potential careers for geography majors. A “ What do graduates do?” report showed that from 2018 to 2019, 22.1% of geography graduates worked within business, HR, and … A geography degree can provide graduates with a range of knowledge about Earth, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how mankind impacts Earth. Your studies in geography will also develop some more general skills which will be useful in the future. Students will experience coursework that examines geography economics, urban and rural geography, climatology, and cultural geography. A Geography degree is for you! To provide you with the most accurate and helpful facts, our Top 10 Most Popular results are based on a combination of program or major graduation data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education, and the popularity of a school on our web site. Some degree courses include a placement year, which is another great way to get an insight into working practicalities. That would be perhaps the quickest way through undergrad. I was considering a … Geography is a broad academic degree. A geography degree is still the degree I see most often in municipal planners. If you cannot find whether a program holds accreditation, call and ask the admissions department. That said, if you want to be a geomorphologist, you're going to need a PhD, as it's not a common role in industrial settings. However, a degree in geography can also be applied to surveying jobs provided you have taken AutoCAD (computer-aided design) courses. Graduates go on to work across a wide range of jobs and industries. Though you may think that your degree is the most interesting, or the most fun, or the most employable, the truth of the matter is that nothing compares to geography. However, you'll need to gain a few years of experience to move into some of the more advanced positions in the field that have higher overall salaries. But although geography sometimes gets a bad rap for being a "useless" degree, in truth, the opposite is true. Other subjects that will be useful however, are psychology, history, geography and media studies. Geography A-level is also required from some environmental science and planning courses. A geography degree will help you to develop some useful skills that will help in many jobs, whether or not you want a career in geography. At least with one of those degrees, your career choice is a forgone conclusion - nobody studies dentistry and then decides, actually I don't want to be a dentist, I want to be a sushi chef instead. I have no idea what employers think about it although I do know that Deloitte sponsored my uni's geography society, so maybe that means they are keen to recruit geography undergraduates? Graduates go on to work across a wide range of jobs and industries.

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